Hello, internet! My name is Hoon, the lead director of Team STEP. We are a team of aspiring indie game developers who are working to deliver our first project and start our own indie game studio! Our team is looking for a motivated programmer who is willing to learn new things and take on some challenges. To be precise, we are looking for a programmer who is experienced with PUN or other multiplayer game development.

Abut Witch One

The main project we are working on is called Witch One.

Witch One is an online asymmetric hide-and-seek style 2D game set in a magical fantasy world. The visual style of the game is inspired by classical RPGs with colorful effects, top-down 2D, pixel graphics, tile-based maps, and items scattered throughout the map.

The game can be played by 3 to 15 players against each other. The game starts by randomly picking a "Cursed One" who will have to kill another player within the survival time. If the Cursed One kills a player, the curse will move to a different player on the map. Otherwise, the Cursed One will be killed, and a new Cursed One will be chosen. This loop is repeated until only one player is left on the map.

Based on this gameplay loop, the game will have the following mechanics to allow the players to track other players, set up traps, and strategize their movements:

  • Special surfaces that can leave footprints
  • Melee attack
  • Health & stamina
  • Throwable items with various effects (teleportation, spawn traps, dealing damage, etc.)
  • Running, walking, crouching
  • Visible sound waves that will propagate for every noise the player makes name a few.

For more information about Witch One's mechanics and design, please read our game design document, which will be linked at the end of this post. Please note that the game design document will get outdated as we develop the game. Right now, we are focusing on making a simple deathmatch mode instead of the Cursed One mode to the game to flesh out the core gameplay mechanics and find out how to make the Cursed One mode more fun.

About Team STEP

We, Team STEP, love to have fun, be creative, learn new things, and support each other. We are a small team of talented and dedicated people from various cultures and backgrounds. Everyone on our team has a full-time job or is a full-time student (or both), so we try to keep the overall workload light and make the schedule flexible as possible. Generally, we have an average workload of 6 hours a week, but because the team is not funded or anything, I like to look at this project as a hobby/passion project/learning opportunity for everyone.

We have a weekly sync meeting through Google Meet to share our weekly progress and next tasks, discuss game features or talk about how recent AAA game studios are going to shit. Everything else is communicated through Slack, Notion, and GitHub.

Currently, we have two artists, one programmer, one map designer, and myself (director and developer). Most of our members have working experience in their respective fields, and we are happy to help each other. We have members living in the U.S., Brazil, Korea, and Germany, which makes our time zone cover the entire globe!

Although we do not have a regular working schedule or a quota to fill, our team has a strict policy of never ghosting others and always attending the sync meetings. Please note that if a member misses more than two meetings without prior notice, we consider that member no longer interested in the project and will lose their rev-share rights + name on the credits.

Who we are looking for

We are currently looking for a programmer with an intermediate level of network architecture and Unity (we're using PUN2) and with practical game development experience. In the near future, we will need a full-stack developer who can work with TypeScript + Node.js environment + NoSQL database for game app development (Discord integration, Slack app, RPC server development for third-party apps, game web client, and more).

Our current stack for the core game development is:

  • C# as the main language
  • Unity as the game engine
  • Tiled for map editing
  • PUN2 for the network framework (P2P)
  • FMOD for the sound engine
  • Git for version control (GitHub for the host)

Our stack for the rest of our apps are:

  • TypeScript as the main language
  • Node.js 16.x as the runtime environment
  • React with Next.js and Gatsby.js as our website framework (sometimes Vue3 with Quasar when I get bored)
  • GitHub Pages and Netlify as our static page host
  • Supabase for database

I know it seems overwhelming when I list down our project infrastructure, but I promise we are beginner-friendly, given you have intermediate knowledge in programming in general. If you are a programmer who only worked with web development and want to start in game development or vice versa, you came to the right place! Are you a developer who has worked on many projects for a long time but has never worked with others before? You're in luck! We have most of the DevOps and CI already in place. We are still learning about effective collaboration practices and would love to learn with you!

In short, we are looking for a game developer who is interested in making a multiplayer game in Unity (for example, matchmaking, game lobby, network optimization, and everything related to multiplayer gameplay) or a web developer who is interested in developing game server apps (for example, Discord app that integrates with the project, web clients, RPC server, and everything that is integrated with the game).

But please note that this is a rev-share hobby project; there won't be any upfront payment or commission for team members before launch. Instead, we will equally split the project's monthly revenue (before tax and expense) after its official full launch. Every project-related expense (server hosting costs, domain costs, paid service costs, paid assets, etc.) will be paid by me. In other words, team members will not be asked to spend their money as we only ask for your valuable time and skill for the project.

However, we aim to incorporate Team STEP as a proper indie game studio starting with Witch One, which means the rev-share agreement will be limited to project Witch One. If we successfully incorporate Team STEP with capital injection, everyone in the team will discuss the compensation method again (for example, changing to a full-time contract or keeping the rev-share agreement) before finalizing so that everyone is in an agreement.

How to keep in touch

Thank you so much for reading this long post!

So are you interested in working with us on our project? You can contact me via email ( or Discord (Hoon Kim#1643). Note that I generally answer faster on email than on Discord. Our team will be very happy to hear from you! If you wish to join our team, it would be very helpful if you could write a short description your motivation, your time zone, and your portfolio in your message.

Maybe instead of joining the dev team, you want to learn more about the project or our team? Or would you like to support our project with a friendly message? Please consider joining our Discord server! We are trying to build a community around our team and the game. We have irregular public playtesting sessions, talks, and more! I promise you won’t be disappointed :)

Again, thank you for your time; we wish to hear from you!

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