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We create the platform, so you can create the world

We create games and a platform that supports other creators to to expand their players and get their community to be engaged with what they are making.

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We are a team of creators

We are a team of creators building various projects and software solutions for other people. The world is our canvas and technology is our brush.

Creating indie games

We develop games of various genres and styles for a specialized audience. We mainly use Unity and Godot as our engine.

Cutting-edge technology

We utilize cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and generative AI that becomes part of the gaming experience.

Developing engine plugins

For all new technology we use for our projects, we aim to create a modular plugin so that other creators can seamlessly integrate with it.

Creating a platform

Using our solutions, we are building a platform that connects creators and players in a new way. We blur the line between in-game and out-game experiences.

Creating an ecosystem

Through our platform and games, we aim to connect everyone and create an ecosystem of creators and players.

Make your community thrive with Treppe

All creators struggle to build a community

Having one that engages with your work is even harder.
But we make it easy for you to expand your existing community by bridging the gap between in-game and out-game activities for players.

Features 01
Carry your account with you

Mobile interface and authentication

Use your phone to log in to games and authenticate your account just by scanning a QR code. Your game save will carry over across multiple platforms, and you can manage your game profile from your phone.

  • Simple and secure log in solution
  • Cross-platform
  • Manage your game profile
Features 02
Simple integration. Powerful features.

Integrate with our SDK

We provide SDKs for popular game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Godot. With this, creators can allow the players to connect to our platform and unleash the full potential of their community.

  • Developer documentation
  • Cross-platform
Features 03
Full control over your project

Define your community behavior through our dashboard

Creators can use our dashboard to manage all of their integrations and create community campaigns to reward players for interacting with our community.

  • Create community campaigns
  • Manage all projects and integrations
  • Overview of your project performance

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